ahhh spring.

85F (29C). The expected Tucson temp for tomorrow. For Boston, I see snow and rain and high temperatures of 32F. Ha. The desert can be pretty nice sometimes.

Screw you east coast!

6 thoughts on “ahhh spring.

  1. celly belly

    Heehee…. those poor east coast, sucka fools! and than all the rain down in So. Cal. HA! HA! it’s been sunny and beautiful here everyday. Of course, that means a serious drought this summer, which most definitely ISNT good, but I cant help but enjoy all this lovely sunshine and warm weather. Yee Haw!!! of course, when I say warm weather, i’m talking about it being in the 60’s, 85 already?! wowsa dowsa! that’s too bloody hot for me. Anything above 75 I find uncomfortable. What can I say, i’m Nordic, for cryin out loud! we dont do heat.

  2. DG

    10-4 CB I am Irish, anything above 85 starts me thinking about winter! Or at least a good quality lake.

  3. DG

    Hey Michelle, I was looking at your kitchen in your gallery. My mother had a refrigerator ExactLy the same at one time. Isnt thaT WILD?

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