iTunes and my mac.

I had iTunes on my PC and it ran okay, kind of slow, but not too bad, or so I thought. Man was I wrong. I got this iMac and what a world of difference. It’s a hundred times faster and smoother and now I actually LIKE iTunes. I enjoy putting songs on my iPod. Before, I hated it, because really it ran so slow and took forever and it made me crazy.

I am dizzy with love for my new computer.

Hey, it’s March. I like March. It’s a fun month. Very sassy, as far as spring months go.

4 thoughts on “iTunes and my mac.

  1. DG

    Thats good to know, my friend Joe got an IPod 40GB. I have my new PC and he wants me to download
    songs into it. How slow is slow and how fast is fast? I was going to ask Brasten but since you where on the subject…………….

  2. Morgan

    well… I use the USB 2.0 connector from my laptop into the iPod and it’s pretty quick… but it just seems like a pain in the ass to get all the cables and and power cords, and the cradle all hooked up just to transfer an album or so worth of music. When I first got the iPod it took me about 20-30 minutes to copy 10GB of music to it. That seemed pretty quick to me.

  3. brasten

    That sounds about right…

    You’re gunna be looking at faster transfers with a Mac because you can use FireWire, but nothing mind blowing, necessarily.

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