Look at me!

Don’t I look gorgeous?

Of course I do! You can’t tell just by looking, but the reason I look so fab is because I am writing this entry on my new computer. my new iMac. I am loving it. It’s almost too sexy for me to continue writing.

I feel special. I hate that buying a mac makes me feel special, but it does. Only the cool people have them. Only the pretty and the tall and the smart. The ones who drink martinis and know their wines and laugh at mexicans. Well, I can laugh at the mexicans with the best of them! Plus, I actually KNOW real live mexicans, so that counts for extra.

So happy presidents day to me.

6 thoughts on “Look at me!

  1. morgan

    well shit yeah! SWEET! I gotta come over there and hack thing into being an Xbox! Congrats – if ANYONE deserved a new magic computing box it was you!

  2. DG

    Someday I will aspire to the elitist class you have attained. In the mean time I will plug along with my Emachine and my yahoo DSL.
    Did anyone get that ominous virus sent by the “FBI”. It looked so official I called them and they told me not to worry, I am not the first person to get the virus. (It was quarantined).
    Now I am worried!!!

  3. brasten

    Good girl, Christa… :)

    And if you can find a Syrah from Chateau Ste. Michelle (a Washington state winery), I highly recommend trying it. ;)

    One nice thing about Mac users is we take care of our own. So if you have any questions or problems, feel free to ask myself or any other Mac user you know. :D

  4. Christa Post author

    you’re the best brasten. oh and thanks for the tips on wordpress, I haven’t tried it yet, but I will soon.

    and I’ll be sure to try that wine.

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  6. brasten

    woah… Okay, for future note, linking to someone’s WordPress blog then clicking on the link apparently posts a comment automatically. Spooky.

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