shaun of the dead.

good movie. rent it. it&#146s about zombies! we love zombies! It isn&#146t a scary movie though, just funny. I like funny zombies almost as much as scary zombies.

In addition to helping Tiffany set up her wordpress blog, I helped my lovely Marianne with one as well. She&#146s got a pretty crazy life right now, what with being a mom and returning to work full-time recently and dealing with other things, and plus she just turned 31, so we should all go say nice things to her.

I am going to enter Ryland in a baby cover contest, so in a few days I&#146ll post some pictures so everyone can help me decide the cutest. We only get one picture so it has to be good. And since I think every single picture I take of him is the most adorable thing in the entire universe, I need some help.

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