CJM, the zombie.

Ryland is killing me softly with his song, and his song happens to be not sleeping longer than 2-3 hours at a time.

new movie coming to a theater near you: zombie mommy! watch as she pours juice all over the counter, missing the glass entirely! watch as she forgets her baby in the grocery store cart! watch as she eats braaaaainsssss.

7 thoughts on “CJM, the zombie.

  1. Fi

    Christa,do u try wrapping him?
    I don’t know if u get encouraged to do it the U.S but in Australia we are big on wrapping them.It gives bubs that coccoon like feeling.Wrap him reasonably tight and just pat him gently in his cot,and if it works just pat him a little less every time so he gradually sleeps on his own.
    He should be sleeping a little a more by now.
    DO u think he is getting enough during feeds?
    I hope it gets better, I know the feeling!

  2. DG

    American Indians did it with their papooses bundling(wrapping), and my mother did it to Madeleine(My neice) when she howled for days when her parents got divorced (when she was three). She seems fine now!

  3. Michelle

    I read somewhere that breastfed babies sleep less than formula fed ones. My baby sleeps about 6 hours during the night but I *GASP* feed her formula. I found that a little noise helps her sleep. I run a humidifier in her room. I also agree with Fi and the wrapping. Gabby does not like her arms wrapped up though, I have to wrap her from the chest down.

    I watched The View last week and they had a piece on that was all about getting your baby to bed. They said that if you go “shhhh” in the babies ear, that helps soothe them because it reminds them of being inside of your womb with all of the noises (like your stomach digesting, and the amniotic fluid swishing, etc), also laying them on their stomach until they fall asleep then picking them up and putting them on their back. I never tried that technique, but supposedly it works. I am afraid to because of all of the SIDS warnings.

    Maybe one of these things will help you. Good luck. You’re baby will sleep through the night, hang in there.

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