Holiday in Handcuffs

I’ve been trying to find pictures of Ry as a baby to compare with Nicholas as a baby. These are all of the early days, I haven’t looked for any recent ones to compare yet. And it’s hard, most of my baby pics of Ry are on DVDs or a hard drive not connected to a computer, and I’m way too lazy to actually retrieve them. So it’s just kind of whatever I canfind online or roaming around on my computer somewhere.

also, I need a better camera. I always need a better camera. That’s my excuse. Not my skills at taking pictures, but my equipment.

ryland and his cousin tyler

nicholas and his brother ryland


ryland, day 7

nicholas, day 7


ryland asleep on boppy

nick asleep on pillow


one of my fave pics of ryland ever

eh, this pic of nicholas is okay.

3 thoughts on “Holiday in Handcuffs

  1. christa Post author

    I know! They are practically twins. it’s very cute. Looking at these pictures makes me really miss when Ry was a baby. I can’t wait till you can meet Nicholas.

  2. DG

    Your pictures are fine, centered in focus and clear as a bell. I bought a 10.megapixel camera at Best Buy for half off…59.00$, it works great… works better than my Minolta 4 pixel camera that was twice as much!!