baby pictures!

I finally got around to updating the pictures of Ryland. I take about a million pictures a day of him, so it can be a little intimidating and time consuming to sit down and organize them all.

He is 5 months today. It scares me how much he&#146s growing, how big he&#146s getting, how fast it&#146s happening. I want him to stay little forever. I compare his pictures from the past few days to the pictures of when he was first born. They&#146re like completely different people!

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  1. brasten

    Ugh, you’re right…. that kind of sucks. I didn’t realize Blogger was so picky. You could click “Post Anonymously” under the ‘sign in’ form if you wanted.

  2. brasten

    Yeah, I took it down for a little while to try and install some different software. :)

    Let me know what you think of… I keep hearing about it!