our halloween family

some pics from halloween.

ry was a pirate.



the baby didn’t go out, but he was a monkey.

my little monkey

my little monkey

gordon was a… umm… a pirate/tobias/liberace/vincent price/weird gay guy hybrid.

I'm sexy, yah?

I'm sexy, yah?

ryland picked my “costume” which was a purple wig and some blue eye makeup. He said I looked pretty. awwww. I love my kids.

a pirate and his treasure.

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4 thoughts on “our halloween family

  1. gina

    since you’ve said it, i feel like i can say it. i totally thought gay pirate when i saw that picture. you look really skinny by the way :)

  2. christa Post author

    thanks cb.

    gina: I’m a good 25 lbs away from being considered normal, much less skinny. And about 100 lbs away from being “really skinny”.

    the iphone is slimming.