a few other things…

Right now, my internet connection is very spotty. It keeps dropping me and then I have to reset the effing modem to make it work again. And it&#146s starting to bug the living piss right out of me. Look! It&#146s made me so mad I&#146ve resorted to using the phrase &#147living piss.&#148 I hate Cox. They can suck…haha, well we all know what Cox can suck.

I know you&#146re all just dying to know what I truly think about this stupid hockey bullshit that&#146s happening right now, with the lockout and everything. Well, I&#146ll tell you. I really don&#146t care much about the numbers or the salaries or the disagreements or the politics and showboating that is currently going on. I don&#146t care who&#146s right and who&#146s wrong. I&#146ll leave that talk to everyone else, to the media and all the talking/writing heads and jackasses who think they know everything. I&#146m not on anyone&#146s side but my own.

I just know that I miss hockey very much. I didn&#146t think or realize how much I would miss it, even when I knew the lockout was inevitable. But boy do I miss it. It seriously gets me down and I just want it back. I want to watch the games on TV and drive up to Phoenix and watch the Coyotes play in their new rink and get mad at another boneheaded play by the Bruins. I want to curse every player on the Avalanche and spit at Toronto. I want to make fun of Hal Gil and turn the TV off halfway through the game and throw the remote because I am so angry. I miss Barry Melrose. I miss reading the recaps of the previous night&#146s games and watching the highlights. I miss all the cute boys, skating their way into my heart.

Because even when hockey is bad and people are arguing and complaining over league changes and ways to make it more exciting, it&#146s still the best thing in sports. But you gotta play to have all that and right now everyone&#146s just being stubborn and stupid. And what can we do to get rid of Gary Bettman already?

I know, I know, I could be watching college hockey. And if I lived in another part of the country, I could go to AHL games.

But it&#146s just not the same. And I hate America for not caring.

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  1. Michelle

    Working in tech support for 4 years causes you to hear a lot of comical things. One time, one of my co-workers was speaking to a customer who clearly sounded gay. The customer told him “We switched from Cox, and now we are with your company and we can’t get it up” (meaning the DSL, but he didn’t say that). Ok, this sounded funnier in my head before I typed it out. I guess you had to be there.

  2. celly belly

    Great Big Snooze Alert! :-) Heehee…. sports, schmorts!

    Hey, i’m going to DISNEYLAND!!! WOO HOO!!! will be my very first time, EVER! I had a very deprived childhood, what can I say. Going down with a couple friends, for one of their b-day’s, the last week of Feb. Best of all, we get in for free, since my friend Margie’s cousin works there. I like free, cause hot damn, admission into the park has gotten hella expensive apparently. That’s right, not just expensive, but HELLA expensive.

    I think it’s like 25 degrees here today, WTF?!?! Brrrrrrr……… and where the hell’s the snow they keep promising??? :-(

    Great new show: Medical Investigation. Very cool. Plus, the main guy is a hottie. That’s all that needs to be known, so watch it!

    Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

  3. DG

    Thank you for the incitefull news blurb Celly,
    but it is -4 here this morning in Chicagoland!!!
    The company I have worked for for the last 8 years has ceased to exist. As of 1-28 I will be hitting the pavement. Yeah!
    I bought a new computer from Best Buy this weekend and have a new phone connection coming in at home for the internet.
    I have waited for this day for so long!
    I resume my .Net studies on Wednesday and the future looks so bright…. well and so forth (I hope).

  4. celly belly

    Hey DG, it’s spelled ‘insightful’ I was a spelling bee champ 5 years in a row, what can I say :-) sorry to hear about your job layoff. Good luck on the job hunt! speaking of jobs, I may actually get to break out of my housecleaning gig and find better and more fullfilling and better paying work, as i’ve decided to go to school to become an X-Ray Technician. Healthcare is a really good field to go into these days, lots of opportunities, etc… in other news, I just fit into a size 10 skirt and I swear, at that precise moment I could have sworn I heard the angels singing :-) this has not happened since, well, Yikes! highschool I think. Did y’all hear about that 60 year old woman who’s pregnant? guess I dont need to be in such a rush after all ;-) Yowsa! oh and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! are they FINALLY acknowledging that as a holiday there in Arizona, Christa?

  5. Tiffany

    Well, that depends on what you mean by acknowledging it. If by closing most of the schools and banks, well then, yes. But, I’m here at work, damnit! I should march into my boss’s office and tell him that I want today off. If he questions me, I’ll just tell him, it’s a black thing and he can’t possibly understand.

    But, I doubt it will work, seeing as how I am a white female from Guam. Oh, well.

    Fight the power, yo.

  6. DG

    Thanks for the heads up spelling Celli!!
    I usually do well there but, oh well.
    I agree health care is a source of good money these days..good idea. When I was younger I was to fearful, all the blood. If I saw a child brought in from child abuse or from a bad accident where they are horrifically screwed up I dont think I could handle it emotionally.
    Every Illinois community with a substantial black population has a MLK drive. MLK is a serious thing here. Many companies are closed today.
    Congrats on the dress size, all of that polishing, cleaning and vacuuming must have worked you out good..
    Change of paces are good. 8 years are enough!!

  7. DG

    Tiffany: Guam..thats so exotic and historic!!
    Another couple thousand water miles and you’d be in Saipan!