go to bed already

I know it’s overused and should have lost its power and charm by now, but I just love the word clusterfuck.

quote of the day:
“In america, there is no idea so patently absurd that it can’t catch on. For example, have you ever met a mormon?”
-bill maher

he says bullshit spreads by dummies talking to other dummies and mainstream media not speaking truth to the stupid. I gotta agree.

5 thoughts on “go to bed already

  1. gina

    you know, bill maher annoys me, but that’s a very funny quote.

    getting married on monday. party to follow in Dec/Jan. please come!

  2. gina

    yes! married on monday at the J O P. i am too lazy to text you back at the moment. and i love the word clusterfuck.

  3. Christa

    Ah man. That means I’m screwed out of yet a other maid of honor role. And how can you be too lazy to text me back but not too lazy to come here and leave comment?

    Look what marriage has done to you already.

  4. gina

    and how about if you be my maid of honor at the reception party extravaganza? i have to do a mock wedding because aidan said “i want to be at the marry”

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