smash a glass and cry, too much joy

many months ago I got this nifty little plastic camera called the diana f+. it’s kind of a holga, for lomography photos. I took some pictures with it and finally got it developed this week. They turned out okay, nothing super crazy fantastic. You can see more on my flickr page. Ry took a few, too.

driving on the zakim bridge

The only 120mm film I could find was black and white. It’s a cool camera, I just need to get better at using it and finding worthy subject matter. And getting some color film. I was seeing where you could load 35mm film in there and get the film in as part of the picture. I want to try that soon, too.

5 thoughts on “smash a glass and cry, too much joy

  1. Christa

    I think I paid $75. From For a whole little kit. All kinds of crazy when you consider these cameras were a dollar when they first came out.

    And thanks. I like this photo too.

    The building one on flickr was taken by Gordon.

    Personally I like the one of my giant breasts the most.

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