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I installed the wordpress app on my phone and can now post my witty musings, thrilling kid tales and rich anecdotes anywhere, anytime.

Did I tell you that my iPhone that I lost back in april was returned to me in June? After we got back from our dland trip? They came and dropped it in our mailbox. All very strange but whatever. At least I got it back.

But before that, while on the dland trip, I dropped my replacement phone on a kiddie ride (Alice in wonderland to be exact) because i was trying to take a picture of the queen and the cards, which is one of my favorite parts of Alice in wonderland, and when I got off the ride i told the kid operating it that I dropped my phone in there and he said come back at 9pm when the fireworks start and someone will go in and get it for you or go to lost and found the next day but i couldn’t wait all that time and hope one of the stupid kids who work there would find it and turn it in, so I made Gordon ride it with me again and then as we approached the scene of the crime, he jumped out and ran behind the car and gallantly rescued my phone when we rode by, then quick hopped back in, and yay i got my 2nd iphone back.

Of course though it was broken. The screen was damaged. Not cosmetic, the phone looked brand damn new, as I use a gigantic phone case to protect it because I am very clumsy. So I took my very pretty, very pristine, very broken phone to apple for repair, claiming complete ignorance as to the reason it no longer worked, and they fixed it, for free.

Look at all the excitement owning an iPhone has brought!!

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