family vacations!

so we’re taking our first official family summer vacation in a little over a week. we’re going to disneyland! it’s very exciting. i am looking forward to the warm california beaches and the warm pacific ocean. the water in the atlantic is always cold. even in the dead of summer, in blazing heat, the water is still freaking cold. and every time I go to the beach here, it always seem to be cloudy. At my house it’s sunny, but once you get the the beach, there is this instant cloud cover. but even with the clouds, it’s still muggy and sticky and everyone is snooty and annoying and the sand isn’t soft and there are like a gazillion craggy rocks everywhere.

anyway, disneyland will be loud and crowded and obnoxious and hot and expensive and I’ll surely hate every minute of it and ryland will be beside himself with excitement and absolutely love it. as it should be it.

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3 thoughts on “family vacations!

  1. gina

    Wow!!! I am bummed. Aidan is going to Disney World with Aaron. I won’t be there for his first disney experience. Oh well.