spinning and spinning.

sometimes things seem to pile up so fast when you aren&#146t looking that you turn back and swirling all around you everywhere are strange faces and strange smells and strange behaviors, crashing into each other and the walls and exploding in the skies, making bright colors and dark shadows and dancing fire flames.

and it&#146s nice when something comes along in this whirlwind to remind you where you are and what you&#146re supposed to be doing.

I just finished a book called the curious incident of the dog in the night-time. it&#146s a glorious piece of enchantment, sweet and bitter and sad and calming, and if I could climb into the pages and lay among the words, swim between the pages, dance with the illustrations, I would die a happy girl.

things are crazy all around me, but nothing calms my jumpy jitters like a good book.

I read the entire thing in one day, from last night till tonight, and it&#146s been the first time I&#146ve been able to relax or take a few minutes for myself in a long while. It&#146s a short book and once I started it was nearly impossible to stop.

And now it&#146s 2005. It really doesn&#146t mean that much to me except I had to buy new calendars, which is one of my most favorite things to do because I love calendars and if it were up to me I would buy a million of them and they would be plastered all over my walls. At the same time buying calendars is one of my most hated activities, because it is very difficult for me to pick just one or two calendars. This year I will buy three, although I wanted many more.

I hope everyone had enjoyable holidays.

3 thoughts on “spinning and spinning.

  1. DG

    Nice to see you make it out from under these holidays. Its good they came, and good their gone.
    I watched the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, upon its conclusion I realised that I could never visit life as it was in the seventies
    again in any part, I would have a stroke.
    I now realise that I was looking to Loafe and CJM to be a female, hispanic, Hunter S. Thompson,
    which is my personal problem and I will have to grow up.

  2. celly belly

    Well, I rung in 2005 in Vegas, Baby, Vegas! talk about a wild scene. There were 300,000 people on the strip at midnight. Was an utter mob scene and completely intense, but alot of fun too. Also, i’m happy to report i’m in love and strangely enough, he’s in love back. Wow! here’s the whopper, he’s 51, so there’s a 19 years age difference there, but atleast in 4 years we’ll score some senior discounts :-) seriousely though, he doesnt look or act it. Just strange when I think that he graduated highschool and I wasnt even born yet. They say 40 is the new 30, so I think that makes 50 the new 40 :-) oh yeah, and I won $65.00 on nickel slots, YAY FOR ME! of course, he had to one up me by winning $6000, sucka fool! :-P