employed now?

So I think I may have a job. But I am not entirely sure. I haven&#146t received a firm offer but the guy keeps sending me projects to do. We&#146ll see what happens. It&#146s in the magazine industry so that&#146s a plus!

Ryland is officially 4 months old now. Holy crap! He&#146s getting so big and he loves to play and laugh and chew on his fingers and flirt with the girls. I really should post some new pictures up. Maybe later today.

I might change the look of loafe. It&#146s been this same old boring blue for a year now. This place could use a little sprucing up, no?

6 thoughts on “employed now?

  1. DG

    Sprucing is always good. I cant wait to see the new Madridian imagery!
    Good luck on the job, thats how they do things in the mag industry just kind of slide you in sideways. Just as long as it provides a paycheck !!!

  2. tonya

    hi christa! i haven’t been able to read loafe in awhile, so this comment pertains to a previous entry. my friend gave me a book that details one way to get your baby to sleep through the night. it’s called On Becoming Baby Wise and the authors are Ezzo and Bucknam. it might be worthwhile to check out. :) shall we talk on sunday??

  3. DG

    Have a Merry Christmas, everyone….
    Going home till next week, work is wrapped up for a while…Goddess bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!