fecundity of life and love

I heard ry telling his dad yesterday that he used to be a star in space, before he was a baby.

This is because one night many many weeks ago, when we were laying in bed, he asked if I sucked my thumb. I told him no and then he asked if I sucked my thumb when I was a baby. I said I didn’t remember. here is the rest of our conversation.

him: where was I when you were a baby?

me: you weren’t born yet!

him: was I in your belly?

me: no, not yet.

him: was I in nana’s belly?

me, laughing: no no. you weren’t in anyone’s belly.

him: where was I?

me: hmm. well, before you were born, before you were in my belly, you used to be a star.

him: a star?

me: yep. you were a bright shiny star in space.

him: you weren’t with me? was I by myself?

me: well you weren’t alone, you were with all the other stars, playing and having star fun.

him: oh.

awwwww. he remembered! he tells people he was a star before he was born. awwwww! I’m turning my kid into a giant weirdo. I love it!

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  1. DG

    I remember asking a nun in 2nd grade if my mother will throw up my sister that she was pregnant with because she had the flu…

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