jack of all trades

master of none.


well, yes. but I think in this case, my jacking abilities and lack of mastering abilities has kept me employed.

My position at work was eliminated. They took away pretty much every duty I’ve had for the past two years and sent them off to other people in other faraway lands. But, I still have a job. I’m being shifted to the edit department, where I’ll get a new title (TBD) and new responsibilities (TBD). It’s very strange. How did I not get fired?

It’s basically because I’m so awesome. and cheap. but mostly awesome.

I exercised tonight for the first time since my pneumonia and hospitalization. It went well. I had three heart attacks and hacked up a dead body. whee.

did you know that I missed a work trip to Miami, BY MYSELF, for four whole days? Where I would get to stay in a nice hotel and be BY MYSELF for FOUR WHOLE DAYS? in florida, where I’ve never been, in warm sunny weather, four days, all me, no one else. instead, I spent most of it in the hospital and in bed, on the verge of death.

this freaking life, I tell ya…

3 thoughts on “jack of all trades

  1. morgan

    Flarida, eh? That woulda been cool. Sometimes shit don’t work out so nicely. Sometimes it does.

    Good job on not losing your good job. Income is nice, but sitting around the house not having to go to work is nice too. I guess we all can’t live the life of luxury.

    Overall I thought it was pitchy, but good lookin’ out, dawg.

  2. gina

    this post reminds me that i don’t have a job. i wonder if having all these degrees will increase the rate i can charge for selling myself? hmmm. congrats on being kept around! :)

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