let’s go to mykonos

I’ve been horribly sick the past few weeks, with horrible sickness that I won’t get into because it’s boring and no one cares or wants to hear about.

I am feeling better now, but I don’t like computers anymore. I got sick from the computer. A nasty virus. I won’t get into it because it’s boring and no one cares or wants to hear about, but for the record, I thought I was immune, I had a mac, I am IMMUNE right? but this was one dedicated virus who was totally obsessed with me. can’t win against that.

now let’s really talk about info that is boring and no one cares or wants to hear about…

it’s been approx. three weeks (slightly less) since I’ve had marital relations with my partner, and you’d think that it’s been CENTURIES by the way he’s carrying on. I can only use “but I was in the HOSPITAL” for so long; it’s starting to wear thin. but you know, I think my little babbling brook deserves a break, and his damn penis can just chill the frick out. for reals. I don’t feel like it, okay? OKAY? I DO NOT FEEL LIKE IT. go away, watch filthy porn, have an affair, I don’t care, just leave me alone.

Now listen. I can’t promise to update more often because frankly the internet is super boring to me lately and I hate everyone and the world sucks. but maybe. who knows what will happen, life is crazy. I doubt it though. Me and computers are sort of on a break right now, free to see other people, and I’m kinda liking it.

to make you feel better, or worse, I’ll give you a fleet foxes song that needs more cowbell.

(I say that because it reminds me of Blue Öyster Cult, in a good way. they performed this song on letterman or SNL or conan or something somewhere. it was good. and by they I mean fleet foxes, not BOC. no one really calls them BOC. but what the frick do I care. go away.)

2 thoughts on “let’s go to mykonos

  1. Bridgitte Thum

    There There There…
    maybe you should take up a a handicraft…
    you could make little hockey pucks out of
    discarded food containers and be all ready to hang them on the festivus tree- if you start now- you could have at least nine by easter! Or perhaps now is the time to focus on beautiful things-
    take at least 400 photographs in the next two days- pretend you’re on vacation- everything’s a sight- take pictures of your mac, and hockey pucks- then go outside and take a picture of your feet…
    send me the good ones- next time the penis gets too close just get out the camera and try to take a picture of it- penises usually don’t like paparrazzi.

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