In the newsletter that Ry’s school sends home every month, they have a little section called “children chatter” where they quote various funny moments with the kids. Here is the one for ry:

We were singing Aiken Drum at music. Each child chooses a food to sing about.
Tim: “What do you like to eat?”
Ryland: Gave a blank stare.
Tim: “What does mommy or daddy cook that you like to eat?”
Ryland: “Not mommy. She can’t cook.”

le sigh.

Then, earlier tonight, he’s on the computer watching videos in itunes. and we weren’t paying attention to him and somehow he manages to get to the itunes store and buys the album “ordinary riches” by company of thieves. I don’t know what this music sounds like, but I will soon enough once it finishes downloading. but I am nervous, as I see coldplay in the “listeners also bought” section.

le sigh.

it was only $5.99 though, so he didn’t get a beat-down for that.

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2 thoughts on “ryantics

  1. DG

    Its like Bjork or Fiona Apple… very progressive for a young man..
    I remember at that age it was “Jimmy Crack Corn” or “Hands on my head” or something!!

  2. bridgitte

    Once while Mike was on night shift-Wrilan once told me I couldn’t cook chicken beacuse I didn’t know how to use the grill- I was offended and became defensive. Certainly, I wanted step up to the challenge. Yet, while holding up a filthy bag of charcoal, and a stinky bottle of lighter fluid- I admitted he was probobly right- so we got a pizza.

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