My dreams have been trying to tell me something lately and I can&#146t quite figure it out. They&#146ve been awfully detailed and crazy and I remember then quite well when I wake up, but as I go about my daily business I forget. Maybe I am forgetting on purpose because I don&#146t want to know what my dreams are trying to tell me. Maybe my dreams are crazy because Ryland, even though he&#146s three months, still isn&#146t ready to sleep for more than 3 or 4 hours at a time and my body is desperate for a longer stretch. Never in my life did I think I could function on 4-5 hours of sleep on a regular basis. Funny how things change.

So I&#146ve been thinking that I might need to get back into some therapy. Ryland has given my life meaning and purpose, but his existence doesn&#146t wipe out the 29 years I lived before he came around and all of the crap I picked up along the way. I still have way too much anger and sadness inside me and frankly I&#146m tired of it.

Even though I think maybe I need therapy, hearing someone else tell you that is quite annoying. I was on the phone with Gordon&#146s mother the other day, and we were discussing her son&#146s problems and what we need to do to help him. And she suggested group therapy. Which at first didn&#146t bother me, I barely even registered it. But later that day, it was poking at me with a little stick, saying, &#147hey christa, group therapy, you know what that means right? you gonna let her get away with that? of course you are you big frigging wuss. you need a lot more than group therapy.&#148

Because Gordon&#146s mother wasn&#146t suggesting group therapy as a way to help just Gordon. She thinks I need it as well. As if somehow MY problems are tantamount to his. As if Gordon&#146s drug addiction is somehow MY fault, that I&#146m causing it, that I put him in this situation and made his life so difficult he had no choice but to steal and lie and abuse drugs. She would never say this to me, oh no, never. But I can hear it in her voice and see it in her face. If I hadn&#146t gotten pregnant and dragged him to Arizona and made him get a job and be a responsible, decent human being.

holy crap. Something just ocurred to me right now. I bet Phyllis thinks that I got pregnant ON PURPOSE. I was feeling that baby crunch because I&#146m older and I was running out of options and I wanted a baby so bad but didn&#146t want to be get married so I manipulated Gordon to get what I wanted, because I was desperate and knew I could control her precious innocent little baby. I BET SHE TOTALLY THINKS THAT!

Okay, she probably doesn&#146t think that at all, but just to be clear, his dick had just as much to do with this baby as my vagina.

Anyway, let&#146s all hope that Gordon will be in rehab soon and on the right path to being a worthy father to Ryland.

I got sick in the past two days and now I feel like crap and boy it&#146s hard to be a good mommy when you feel like this, but I&#146m trying.

I have a ton of new pictures to add to Ryland&#146s gallery, but I just can&#146t find the energy right now.

5 thoughts on “Therapy.

  1. DG

    Therapy is good. I wish I got into see psychiatrists and rehab and therapy at yours and Gordons age.
    Life is better after drinking and etc. It gets better in ever tiny and sometimes large steps.
    But because of those options, today is 852 days, and now I am a great uncle and a functioning uncle of 13 others, instead of a bloated corpse rotting in jail or in the grave.

  2. DG

    When I am at work and I get down I try to find things that are happy and positive on the web.
    Yesterday it was Miniature Donkeys. Check them out … they are the cutest things on earth!!

  3. DG

    I was doing some thinking, If Gordon is that messed up, as you have been saying, then its his MOTHER that screwed him up! She is so rotten and mean she wants to blame it on you, perhaps as she blamed her problems on Gordon before you.
    So if you can help get Gordon going into the right direction you can then shove it in her face!!!
    Face it, to get that screwed up (as you have reported), takes many years at an early age.
    Like when he was her child!! HA!

  4. Jamie

    I’m a wee bit of a nerd, and have read a fairly decent ammount of books on dream analysis (told ya I was nerdy)…. care to elaborate?