I am my mother’s only one

Scene: downtown crossing train station.

Ry & I are waiting for the ashmont train. The braintree train pulls in and we step back out of the way. As people load into the train, he says to me, “People have to go on the train to read their books.” Pause. “And drink their coffee.”

I laugh. “They do ry, they sure do.”

scene: the red line inbound.

ry & I are riding along, he’s squirming around doing whatever it is he does, and I’m reading a text message on my phone that makes me smile. he sees this and says to me “mom, why are you going like this?” and then imitates me smiling. (I think I need to smile more, if he doesn’t even know what I’m doing when I’m smiling.)

scene: ry’s bed at night, before he goes to sleep.

after books, I’m laying in bed with him, helping him relax for sleep. I ask him if wants me to send dad in next. he says yes. then I ask him if he wants nana to come lay with him. and he says, “no. nana is too old to get into my bed.”

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