I am a jinxer

as soon as I start talking about the B’s and their awesomeness, they start losing. IT’S ALL MY FAULT. I need to shut my stupid mouth.

I really think I am too invested in hockey though. The past two games after watching the Bruins lose, I dreamt about them all night, over and over. I woke up three or four times throughout the night thinking about them, tormented, only to fall back asleep to dream about yet more hockey. it’s sick, I tell you, sick. I need help!

I am not going to talk about hockey again until the bruins win the cup. that’s a promise! (and by promise I mean “ha, you wish.” and by “ha, you wish” I mean “ha, you wish I would stop talking about hockey” not “ha, you wish the bruins would win the cup christa” although it’s true I do wish they would win the cup, I wish it with all my heart.)

2 thoughts on “I am a jinxer

  1. DG

    I dreamt last nite that I was a paleolithic fur covered protoman. I was hunting and fishing and the environment started to die. I wandered into a water filled cave with deer carcasses hanging from the cieling.
    I saw a green glow and stuck a stick into it and was immediately transported into the present. I ripped the hair off my body and signed up for a governement programm assisting other primitives adapt to modern society………

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