Official proof that the Bush administration is pure evil: when I signed in right now to make an entry, the number of comments stood at 666. Yes. It&#146s true.

For an amusing look at the day after the election, visit my friend Paul&#146s site (he is my friend, even though we rarely talk these days, which is quite a SHAME and totally his fault).

So the next four years will be hell and then, like always, a Democrat will come in and start the cleaning process and right all the wrongs. But boy, four years seem a long time from now. Ryland will be four, close to starting school. I’ll be halfway into my thirties. And Gordon will be old enough to drink (ha ha).

Pier 1 had a crazy ass moving sale, everything was 75% off. I bought a $250 desk for $40 and two chairs orignally at $135 for $35 each. As well as several candles and some baskets and various Pier 1 stuff. I haven&#146t gone this nutso since I worked there. But how can you pass up 75% off? Seriously.

Now I am beyond broke and I should feel guilty but screw it! I needed some materialistic consumerism (I suppose there is no other kind, eh) to boost my spirits after the election. I&#146m doing my part to help this lousy economy.

9 thoughts on “666.

  1. DG

    One of my fears is that since he has nothing to lose, at all, he will pass legislation
    that totally disenfranchises the working classes.
    Making endless attempts to pass laws that put the conservative power elite into a protected class totally free of answering to anyone.
    But then I am paranoid.

  2. brasten

    It’s not that simple, DG… Paranioa aside, conservatives are not out create a protected elite class as you suggest. Even if Bush has all the evil motives you imply — which he doesn’t — he would face a congress that would not allow such things.

    Republicans are primarily interested in the good of the country and it’s citizens. Not some elite class.

  3. brasten

    DG, on a lighter note, did you mention in another thread that you’re working on VB? You should consider moving here to Seattle… being the home of Microsoft, VB is very prevelant… and it’s very liberal. ;)

    Being a conservative Java developer, I often feel very out of place here. :)

  4. celly belly

    I honestly dont even group Bush and his administration in with the motives of the Republican party as a whole. I mean, I had alot of respect for one Republican imparticular, Sen. John McCain, up until recently that is. I dont see it as Republican party = bad so much, although I am a Democrat and dont agree with much of the agenda of the right. There are Republicans out there who spoke out against Bush and I even know a couple Republicans who DIDNT vote for him in this election. I definitely dont think him & Cheney fairly represent the Republican party as a whole. Anyway, blah, blah, blah… politics, schmolitics. I got bigger fish to fry right now. Today is my mom’s B-Day, kinda weird & saddening, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! leave it to her, to get out of having to turn 69.

  5. DG

    CB, I guess that means your mother has passed on, for that I am sorry. I hear you on the Bush thing.
    Brasten: After 20 years in and out of the working world since graduating from UIC in 1984,
    I am back in school. Now I am taking VB6 in preperation for taking Visual Basic.net. The company resells Best SW’s like MAS90/200 and Sales Logix so I became re-interested in Computer Science.
    In my current position, I do sales and marketing for publishers services, and our SW efforts. My pay is not poverty, but I am going no where, so at 46 I am going back to school.
    I actually like doing VB and am doing very well. We have some developers and trouble shooters here and I get social support from them.
    I get more respect from them as I embark on this path.

  6. brasten

    What would you say Bush and Cheney represent that grossly misrepresents the Republican party? I’ll grant his high spending, though if he wasn’t the Dems would complain that he’s underfunding all this “important programs”… Anything else?

    I would like to see John McCain in the 2008 primaries. I would also like to see Joe Lieberman in the 2008 Democratic primaries. I like him. I think he represents the reasonable, rational wing of the Democratic party.

  7. brasten

    Well, DG, us developers love increasing our ranks, so welcome aboard. :)

    I never finished my CS degree, so I’m officially one of the “college dropouts”. Quit to do software consulting, and I do quite well at it. But, I’ve recently headed back to school myself (which, at 25, I’m not THAT far removed from it to begin with).. For someone who takes pride in learning and expanding my knowledge, not having that stupid little piece of paper (degree) that proves I’m not an idiot has always bothered me. Anyway, I’m hoping to pick up Business degree in the next couple years.

    So I’m right there with ya on the going back to school thing… is your company helping you out financially and/or generally supportive?

  8. DG

    I have no interest in them helping me, Ill pay for it myself then jump ship when Im ready.
    This company is kind of lethargic. The owners are older and like it small and steady. I want to do bigger things.
    Our teleservice and IT support sections went from 80 + to now 8 employees. I have been here for 8 years and I NEED OPTIMISTIC CHANGE.