little ry-guy.

Here I was sitting at the computer, upset and crying. Ryland was in his crib, watching his mobile and listening to music. And he started to cry, so I went in and picked him up. We walked around his room. Up on his walls are two paintings I did for him, and as we were walking, he just stared at them, his eyes open and searching, studying those paintings. It made me feel so good.

Thank god I have the cutest sweetest baby in the whole world, or I&#146d be a bigger mess than I already am.

6 thoughts on “little ry-guy.

  1. Mor

    Well, it’s all over for another 4 years. Maybe in 2008 we’ll get to see Hilary make out with John McCain in the debates…. or should I say Masturdebates?

  2. celly belly

    Well, looks like Edwards will probably run in 2008 again, which i’m happy to hear, but i’m SO voting for Ryland in 2036! Yee Haw!!! those Halloween pics really were too cute, Christa. Ahhhhhhh…… oh and dont fall for your barista folks, bad news. Talk about a couple minutes of awkward waiting for your coffee each morning. We had our little blow out this morning, or rather, I told him what an “ASS!” he’d been, etc… and he just stood there with his head down like a wounded puppy going “I know..I know… I suck” but damn, if he doesnt make a damn fine americano!

  3. celly belly

    Basten, I think this is a great website.
    I didnt believe alot of what the “recall people” were spewing and thought there were alot of inaccuracies in the information they were giving out. Not to mention, who was actually backing this initiative and pretty much single handedly funding it and the reasons why. Not to mention, how long has this been an issue for? Jesus! I felt like, let’s just build the damn thing already! it may have it’s flaws, but after weighing the pro’s and con’s, I felt we should go ahead with building it. There are a number of great websites and articles that were written on the issue, coming at it from both sides, i’m just glad that 63% of people felt the way I did. Lets look at it this way, you got Bush and I got the monorail, so we both won :-) okay, now I must go to sleep, for I am entirely too tired to discuss political issues anymore, seems that’s all i’ve been doing today and dealing with my friends all being depressed and wanting to move to another country. Bush will serve another 4 years and we’ll all survive and even America will survive, it’s survived worse. So far as if Kerry was my first choice, no, I really liked Howard Dean and everything he stood for, but I didnt think he had a realistic chance up against Bush. My second choice was Edwards, I think he probably would have done better then Kerry, but when it came right down to it, my thinking was ANYBODY would be better then Bush! Hell, if it had been Al Sharpton up against him, that’s who I would have voted for. Although I do respect Kerry a great deal, I think he’s extremely intelligent and would have done alot for this country, it was more about getting George and his whole corupt administration out! when it comes right down to it. Alright onto another subject entirely. Went to see the movie ‘Saw’ and it was as beautifully twisted and deranged as I had hoped. Man, i’m one sick puppy. Perhaps it’s all this sexual frustration (heehee)

  4. brasten

    I’m not terribly heartbroken over it celly belly… I was just curious.. thanks for the information! I still think light rail is a much better system, but I can see that some of my arguments were misguided.. :)