kickboxing, what are you doing to me?

the music my kickboxing instructor plays during class is a lot of music I don’t know or listen to, because I have you know, my snobby elitist musical tastes. but you know, it’s kickboxing and you gotta have the cranking music and what the teacher picks you have to listen to. it’s the way it is.

so while I’d never listen to her choices in any other context, they are starting to grow on me. I hated her playlists at first, rolling my eyes at every ridiculous horrible song, but then you just sort of start liking them.

For instance, a song called “in the ayer” by someone named Flo Rida. I love that fucking song. I do, I just love it.

and disturbia by rihanna. I like that song too.

There a bunch of other songs that I don’t know the names but that I like.

I don’t know what to think about all this. I don’t know what any of it means. I am just not going to think about it for very long, because then I start to get worried that I’m losing my edge.

but then, it’s okay. because when I think “losing my edge” that makes me think “lcd soundsystem” and lcd soundsystem reminds me that despite the influx of crappy music while exercising, I have, and always will, the best musical tastes in the world.

it’s a fact.

you know, all of this embarrassed me so much that I almost didn’t post, but then I decided I don’t actually give a shit.

hey, here’s a picture for you!


2 thoughts on “kickboxing, what are you doing to me?

  1. gina

    This made me laugh. And my elitist self thought, “in the ayer? by Flo Rida?” come on! but, I have very little room to talk with my love of Gordon Lightfoot and Rod Stewart. Know what I mean jelly bean? I need you to write me a character reference letter to btw.

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