ducking and honking

iphone is fun stuff. my favorite thing so far about iphone is the auto correct feature. it is mostly right and it saves me from a lot of mistakes and now I’m starting to get annoyed that auto correct isn’t part of everything I do in life.

the best part though the best best part is when I type in fuck, or fucking, or fucked, iphone wants me to say duck, ducking and ducked. “this fucking traffic is ridiculous” I type. and iphone says “no no. this ducking traffic is ridiculous.” and I love it! I love to duck. ducking is awesome. I can duck this and duck that and it is just awesome.

iphone also replaces “think” with honk. because my fat fingers usually type thonk (cause i and o are right next to each other duh). so I’ll type “I thonk that is a completely baseless accusation and I have no problems saying so.” iphone disagrees. iphone says, “I honk that is a completely baseless accusation and I have no problems saying so.”

it’s very accurate, iphone. I don’t think. I honk. I honk and I duck.

iphone makes me laugh. I am smitten with iphone.

3 thoughts on “ducking and honking

  1. morgan

    yeah the apple telephone is pretty awesome. I like it quite a bit. It’s officially not a status symbol anymore though… old ladies have them now.

    things I do with my iTelephone:
    VNC into my home computer
    get my gmail and my work mail
    record song ideas (multi-track)
    stream my recorded TV shows/music collection from home
    and of course… listen to music, maps, weather, pictures, facebook, twitter, myspace, games, web surfing… and, oh yeah… it’s a telephone. Best phone I’ve owned… and I’ve owned a LOT of smartphones.

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