alright alright, so I know I’m supposed to hate facebook and all. but I don’t. I don’t hate it. I hate myspace. (I know, explain that one, right?)

anyway, so I don’t hate facebook. it annoys me endlessly but I don’t hate it.

here’s my rub. I get upset when people find my other friends via the “people finder” or “people you may know” tool. and facebook tells you that, they say “so and so found so and so via the people finder tool” just so you know how great everyone else is and how big of a fat loser YOU are. then I feel bad. I’m human, I have feelings. no one ever finds ME that way. no one ever asks to be my friend via any tool, no weird random people from high school, no distant relatives, no ex-boyfriends (of which there are umm, 1, and we’re close friends, so yeah). my friend m gently reminds me “well you don’t put your high school on there” and I of course set my privacy settings to minimize the number of dumb people from trying to friend me, but still. is no one dedicated? is no one at all interested in me and what I’m doing? NO ONE AT ALL?

stupid facebook. if it weren’t for scramble I would totally break up with it. totally.

4 thoughts on “facebook

  1. PA Michelle

    Those people it shows you that you may know is a dumb feature.

    I looked through all of the ones it thought I knew and I recognized a few from prior jobs and HS, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I like them enough to add them. Some of the other ones it finds — its like where the hell are they getting these people from? I think they pull some out of their ass and throw them into the mix.

  2. gina

    I like facebook, and I hate myspace. Myspace just feels kind of dirty or something.

    I want to tell you something funny. Email coming!

  3. morgan

    grrrrl…. so check it. I prefer MySpace. Totally. I just don’t understand Facebook. I get requests for being poked by zombies or something.. it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t even play games on there, or communicate with anyone. I used to update my status… but I don’t bother with that anymore. I like Twitter. But I don’t have many Twitter friends. And who cares what I’m doing anyway. I don’t even post on schlam.org anymore…

    Come check out The Croutons, or The Monitors… we’re on MySpace. Thank you, good night.

  4. steph

    I totally agree… I love facebook, I am so addicted to reading other peoples stuff, but then I see all of these people from high school and I thought they were my friends back then but none of them have requested to be friends with me… bastards… it makes me feel very unloved!

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