what can I get for ten dollar.

Here’s a funny story. If you’ve heard it, my apologies.

Not all that long ago, I was in the bathroom at work, doing my number two business. A couple of girls came in, chatting away like monkeys, completely oblivious to everything else. I wasn’t being particularly quiet or anything, but in a public restroom, the babies won’t get in the pool if there are a lot of people in the room. And two people is two too many for my brown babies. So I’m just calmly sitting there waiting for them to leave. No big deal.

They walked in talking, they peed talking, they washed their hands talking and then they finally left, talking. But as they walked out, they TURNED OFF THE LIGHT. I had no choice but to finish the job I went in there to do. So there I am, sitting on the pot, pooping away, and it’s totally dark. Which is funny in itself.

But then of course before I can finish and turn the light on, someone else comes in. sigh. so now I look like the complete weirdo who goes to the bathroom in the dark. I explained to her what happened, but it sounded fishy even to me.

here is a song of the day for you. mia, ten dollars. it will make you shake your shaker. what can I get for ten dollar? anything you want.

5 thoughts on “what can I get for ten dollar.

  1. morgan

    thats pretty funny, CJM. I woulda yelled, “HEY – I’m poopin’ in here!” Wiping in the dark is tricky, too.

  2. christa Post author

    well, they left and turned out the light so quick, I didn’t know what to do.

    the lady came in and turned the light on before I needed to wipe, so luckily I was spared that indignity.

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