god help us all.

the ultimate cubicle.

I can’t tell if this was supposed to be a joke or if it’s earnest. either way, it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I will kill myself before I ever live my life in that cube.

You know, I say I will kill myself a lot, especially in a “if this happens” or “if this doesn’t happen” context. But I never do. I don’t think “I will kill myself” means what I think it means.

7 thoughts on “god help us all.

  1. gina

    I am with you. That cube of the future sucks ass. Who wants double sided monitors? Come on! And, why are there 3 monitors in the example? I do casually surf, and that device would seriously impede my ability to goof off, thus making work unbearable. Foot pedal? Lame. No screens? Lame. Noise scrambler? Totally lame!

    Oh but wait. That’s right, I am about to become a lawyer. I’d like to see them try to stick an officer of the court in a cubicle! Big windows with views, and Mahogany for miles. Yep.

    I bet they use these cubes at IKEA headquarters.

  2. gina

    Okay. I went back to the cube, and became even more offended. This cube is very upsetting to me. I wish you’d never shown it to me. Note that the vent in the floor has no special feature. It is probably a microphone.

  3. christa Post author

    I know, isn’t that cube scary? I certainly hope that isn’t the cube of the future. it sounds just awful.

    hahah, that makes me laugh about the vent in the floor being a microphone. hahah.

    I am sorry you are upset, but I had to share it. it really upset me too. just thinking about it even now upsets me.

  4. DG

    Its the cubicle of the corporate enslaved…. owes 3000000 in credit card bills cubicle loser….it would suck DG

  5. christa Post author

    I think a cubicle would indeed stoop so low, simon. haven’t you seen the cubicles these days? all full of arrogance. all full of entitlement. all full of borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered ’80s.

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