OMG. I have meningitis.

I just looked it up. goggle rash and dayquil. see for yourself.

I have meningitis. lovely.

8 thoughts on “OMG. I have meningitis.

  1. celly belly

    I had Menningitis a couple years back. I had to be hospitalized and endure a spinal tap, lots of fun! I feel for you, girlfriend! of course, just my luck, they ended up screwing up the spinal tap and 5 days later I had to go in for spinal patch surgery. If you’ve ever had a spinal headache, you know the kind of pain I endured. I was leaking spinal fluid and was about a quart low. UGH! talk about a horrendous experience. I dont think Dayquil is gonna cut it though, you should be in the hospital.

  2. christa Post author

    celly belly, you have the craziest ass stories of anyone I know. you could be on House, I think.

    I don’t really have meningitis. I am just totally insane and think every minor thing is a major disaster, and the internets only encourage me.

    gina, we should just live together, since we’re already so diseased. we can be diseased together.

  3. celly belly

    Well, you know, House already had a Celiac Sprue episode and I have that. Glad you dont really have the big M, cause it sucks the big one! although I did get lots of feel good IV painkillers, like Dilaudid. Mmmmmmm….. makes you feel warm n’ fuzzy all over. I wish I could have a permanent Dilaudid drip hooked up to me 24/7. Ahhhhhhh…… but to dream. Its a total full body high, SO much better than Morphine. If you ever saw the movie ‘Drugstore Cowboy’ thats what they were stealing from the pharmacies. If you havent seen it, first off, shame on you, secondly, YOU MUST! speaking of movies, my secret boyfriends movie is coming out next weekend. I’m speaking about the new James Bond. He’s yummy! especially for being Dutch. Yowsa!

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