oh my sweet america.

loafe loves ohio and pennsylvania so much so so so very fucking much. you too new mexico. loafe hugs you and squishes you and chomps you.

I just am so pleased, so full of pride, so happy… I can’t even tell you. a more beautiful night I couldn’t imagine.

heh. everyone on msnbc is downright fucking giddy. they can barely contain themselves. they aren’t even trying anymore.

On top of all this, massachusetts passed the decriminalization of marijuana.

I love being a crazy, irrational, throwing hot coffee in my own face liberal, living in a state full of baby-killing, same sex marrying, pot smoking, treehugging, morals-less, tax loving maniacs.

3 thoughts on “oh my sweet america.

  1. DG

    I voted for Obama, Durbin, Duffy, and Seales
    Obama and Durbin and Duffy won, but Seales lost to the Bush clone, Kirk

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