night is closing in, the minutes keep ticking by, the hour grows near. some polls are closing in less than 10 minutes! this is so exciting.

I keep checking web sites and news channels for information. it’s all the same, but I don’t care, I keep watching, keep waiting, every moment.

You know what makes me happy? seeing all those people standing in line, waiting to vote. I don’t wish for lines, but I love that they are there, all these americans, standing in them. Surely some are discouraged and leave, but so many are resolute, determined to cast their ballot, regardless of the poll tax. you go america!

Alright, so I left work early today because I am sick, stupid germy daycare kids and their stupid germy germs infecting me and my family. we have bronchitis I think, which is a fancy way of saying chest cold. cough cough hack moan whine. but it’s also this election. this insane crazy election. borrowing from my boyfriend craig ferguson, I went from election fever to election infection and now I’m in the final stages… election delirium. After two elections of bitter, heartbreaking defeat, I am so ready for this win tonight.

FYI: I hate my hands. my stupid short stubby hands with their stupid short stubby fingers. I just had to be born to parents with stubby hands, didn’t I? didn’t I? hmpf. what a load. what a crock. these hands. ruining my life.

ALSO: does no one find my john mccain onion story very very funny? I expected it to be picked up immediately by all the internet sources and distributed within minutes, nay NANOSECONDS, of my post. this is very disappointing. LE SIGH. all the viral in my life is of the entirely wrong kind.

3 thoughts on “eeeeeee!!

  1. christa Post author

    Ohio called for obama.

    game more than over.

    I love all these msnbc hippies struggling to hide their excitement. I love it.

    Now on to fox and see them trying to hide their tears of defeat.

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