fight water with water

A while back, I dropped my phone in the toilet. After I fished it out, it mostly worked, except for a few keys, albeit kind of important ones like the SEND button and the right directional button. I developed workarounds for this.

Then, on Halloween, I was walking around in the backyard looking for leaves and twigs to put on Ry’s tree costume. My phone dropped out of my pocket, and I didn’t realize it was missing until the next morning. I went searching and found it outside in the wet, cold grass.

Now all the keys work again! who knew that water damage to a cell phone could be cured by more water? maybe it was the cleanliness of the fresh cold autumnal water from outside triumphing over the dirty, feces-infested water from the toilet.

speaking of dirty feces-infested toilet things… I AM SO NERVOUS FOR TOMORROW. ahhh! I feel pretty confident the republicans won’t win, but argh. I am so nervous! I want the whole stinking mess to be over with already. I can’t take the stress anymore. I just can’t.

Please america, don’t fail me.

hey do any of you ladies from the eighties remember the side ponytail? I loved that look, even though I could never pull it off.

speaking of hair, I am 106% certain that my inoperable brain cancer is causing me to lose my hair.

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