we saw this license plate on a car after our movie let out sat night. I took a picture of it for obvious reasons. The universe is crazy sometimes eh?

One thought on “Rye-guy

  1. gina

    Cool license plate. I was thinking of getting personalized plates that said “VA Gina”, get it? But I don’t have the nerve man. Imagine the creepiness I would attract? I think Obama is going to win, so I guess you will be doing video updates? I don’t like pink. She seems like a lesbian, but she’s not. I like the lesbians on the L Word. In fact, one of the pretty lesbians on the L Word also happens to play a prostitute on the last season of the sopranos. I should be paying attention in class right now. Have a great day! BTW, I need some help with my blog – I really want to get it going. Seriously.

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