looking tight, feeling nice

so I bought my first music video on itunes. u+ur hand by pink. I love that song and I like that video. in fact, I like pink and I don’t care who knows it. I LIKE PINK.

So that’s my only music video. Wait, I lied! I got the free one from itunes from last week, lykke li. that video is weird man. but I like it. I like it.

speaking of video, I was thinking of a doing a weekly video loafe update. I don’t know, I am sort of apprehensive, but it might be fun. I will consider it.

I know. If obama wins the election, I will begin to do weekly video updates.

I am at work right now, drinking a stella and writing this. my job is so lame.

5 thoughts on “looking tight, feeling nice

  1. christa Post author

    Well, we’re in the middle of a big move and so we got beer for the late afternoon packing session.

    I want a piece of pizza right now, damn it.

    and yes make some freaking videos for ry already. god damn it.

    you like pink CHRISTIAN? that’s just sad.

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