why I’m happy the red sox lost.

Okay, so I’m disappointed the red sox lost, of course, and I’m certainly no fan of tampa bay, but I’m not heartbroken. Or even upset. This is why:

a) it’s nice to see an organization make the world series for the first time in franchise history, even if it’s tampa bay. lousy stupid tampa bay. can I just say how much florida sucks? can’t we ditch them already? stupid florida. that state annoys me like a mother-in-law.
b) it’s refreshing to see a team with one of the smallest payrolls beat a team with one of the highest.
c) the rays were simply the better team, during the ALCS and all year long; they deserved to win.
d) the red sox really needed to lose. I don’t want this team becoming the new yankees. too many winning seasons isn’t good for your constitution. I can’t handle all that success. it’s too much. too too much. it’s the struggling, the loss and pain, that sustains us.
e) now I can focus on hockey with a clear eye. when boston baseball drags deep into october, it makes it so much harder to switch gears to hockey.
f) the game 5 comeback win was all the victory we need for the year. seriously.

One last thing: that’s what you get for not playing jacoby. he wouldn’t have been tagged out at 2nd in game 7, that’s all I’m saying.

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