and I’ve been bongoogled

I just made that word up, cause it sort of sounds like boondoggle and it’s a little like that.

the story is this: if you type “loafe” in google search and then try to click on my link in the results page, it doesn’t actually take you to my site, it takes you to some sort of ringtone spam site. don’t know how it happened or when or why, but I got totally freaked out about it and changed the passwords for everything in my life.

stupid ringtone spam sites. you’re messing with my mind! and my readership! no new readers! sad christa!

not that I’m saying my readership was anything to write home about before I was bongoogled. it’s been lame for a long time now. maybe it’s time I stopped writing in my not-a-blog.

I leave you with this final thought:
in: “quitting” your blog
five minutes ago: securing a book deal cause of your blog
out: getting fired over your blog

11 thoughts on “and I’ve been bongoogled

  1. christa

    it IS a great word, isn’t it? okay, let’s use it. maybe I can get rich off it somehow. I really need to get rich off something. my whole life has been one big bongoogle.

    listen to this. I have a friend who wrote an iphone app and he is making about $90/day on it. can you believe that?! I have an awesome idea for an iphone app, but I have no awesome brains in my head to actually make it. but if I did I bet I could be making $190/day!! that’s more than I make all week!

    I can’t share my idea with anyone though cause they will steal it.

  2. gina

    damn. what is an iphone app? I assume something you can do on an Iphone? I can’t afford such luxuries, with what shoes and handbags cost these days. man i need some money.

  3. DG

    Check these sites out

    The first step toward iPhone development bliss is installing the latest beta of the iPhone SDK (you’ll need a free Apple Developer Connection account to download). Unfortunately, you will only be able to install the SDK on the latest version of OS X (10.5.2 at the time of this writing). The iPhone SDK is not supported on Tiger or any previous versions of Leopard. Once you have it downloaded, install it like you would any other .dmg file and you’re off!

    The only language you can use to write code for the iPhone currently is Objective-C. Now, there have been some open-source efforts made to bridge Objective-C with other languages (PyObjC comes to mind), but as far as being able to directly develop for iPhone with another language within Xcode (whew, that was a mouthful!), sorry Charlie.

    For the code snippets, I believe you are referring to the web applications, correct? The backend code used is PHP and the effects are the result of some crafty Javascript. For the slide effects, we’ve utilized the IUI on several occasions, the wonderful YUI, and have also taken from the jQuery library. Also, have a look at a nice little list of frameworks that we have previously written about.”

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