How are you people not fucking outraged?!

Any shred of respect I had left for McCain is gone. His campaign and their abject behavior, their desperation, their “let’s try it and see what happens” approach? It’s not just sad now, merely the misguided rantings and actions of a deluded, senile old man. It’s become downright dangerous. It showcases the worst in humanity. How can John McCain even look at himself in the mirror anymore? With the people in the audiences at their rallies and fundraisers calling Obama a terrorist, shouting we should kill him? He should die, or at the very least be branded a terrorist, because he dares run for president in a fucking pathetic racist selfish overprivileged country full of morons, idiots, sheep and cows? Because his name is not John or Bill or George or Harry or Richard?

You know what? I can and will hold you and your brainless running mate personally responsible for everything that was said at your rallies. You started this snowball down the hill, and anything and everything that happens from here on in is entirely on your heads. You threw the door wide open. You’re inspiring fear and terror in people. When Obama wins, there will be no shortage of people wanting to kill him, and you are condoning it. You are encouraging it. You are telling people to be afraid of him, just because he’s winning. And it’s unacceptable. I do not forgive this. Nether should you.

Seriously, how can the rest of you just stand there, let him get away with this? This is not who we are, America. I don’t care what people say about us, I don’t care what the statistics say, I don’t care what is in our past. This is not who we are now. Aren’t you tired of the government telling you that you’re scared, telling you what to be scared of? There enough real and genuine terrors to fill all of our glasses and keep us busy, we don’t need to be making up imaginary ones and endangering the life and legacy of a decent man who dares to offer hope, dignity and strength to a broken, beaten, downtrodden nation.

You don’t have to love Barack Obama. You don’t even have to vote for him. But do not let John McCain get away with this. Five months ago, he told us that Americans do not want negative campaigning; he didn’t care if it moved numbers, he wasn’t going to resort to that.* I guess he forgot to mention the asterisk: unless he’s sinking hard and fast like a stone in water. I want to throw up every time he calls himself a maverick. He’s resorting to the same old banal bag of tricks that people used before him. For eight years, Bush ruled over us with fear. He’s passed that baton on to McCain. Maverick indeed.

This is not okay. You don’t have to be okay with it. You shouldn’t be okay with it.

46 thoughts on “How are you people not fucking outraged?!

  1. Marianne

    Well said girlfriend.

    I always just try to see an example in Obama….he doesn’t get angry about these things, he just keeps working. And keeps winning.

    They are angry because their time is up. There is no longer any room in this country for their brand of hatred and priviledged narcissism. On January 20, 2009 we will wake up to a new and better country, despite all their wild and disgusting protests.

  2. mark

    Living through another pathetic Canadian election up here I’m glad I’ve been able to watch a true politician at work in the US. I’m been really impressed with how Obama has consistently brushed aside all of those dirty political tactics with a simple “I’m not going to respond to that”.


    Your post is typical of a brain dead liberal who cannot think but who can only feel. One person at a rally yelled “we should kill him” and you extrapolate that to indict all McCain supporters and then resort to the classic liberal tactic of ad hominem. What about all of 0bama’s former church members who want to eliminate the white race (google black separation theology or go talk to Louis Farrakhan). How can we just stand here and let 0bama get away from his anti-American past with shady people? That is what you should be asking yourself.

    McCain has a duty to inform the sheeple of Obama’s shady past with shady people. Why is 0bama friends with a domestic terrorist (Ayers)? Why did 0bama go to a church with a blatantly racist “pastor” who believes in separation theology? Why did 0bama conduct business and receive sweetheart deals from a convicted felon (Rezko)? Why is 0bama close to Louis Farrakhan- the same man who called the white race the “skunk of the earth”? Why doesn’t 0bama talk about his college years? Read “Dreams of My Father” and tell me he is not a racist himself. Show me your friends and I will know all about you without even knowing you. You are the company you keep and 0bama does not have a good track record in that regard.

    As for a “senile old man,” I’d like to see your pansy liberal-ass survive a Vietnamese concentration camp for five years. What would you do without your Prius, argyle sweaters, white guilt, and Starbucks? That senile old man is tougher than you think. (:

    Next time your drink your organic coffee you should heat it to boiling and then throw it into your face. Maybe then you will come back to reality.

  4. Marianne

    Yeah, Christa, what would you do without your argyle sweaters, huh? Your pink and black argyle, your orange and red argyle, all your argyles! What would you do then???????

  5. gina

    You know, I really like argyle. I like McCain. I am not passionate about either. You seem really passionate about Obama. I don’t understand candidate-passion from either direction. But, I do understand that passion when it comes to shoes. Hmm, what does that say about me as a person? Deep thoughts.

  6. Christa

    I guess I didn’t realize that imprisonment in vietnam led directly to my endless supply of argyle sweaters, starbucks coffee, and priuses.

    It is true though, I am very much a pansy-ass.

    Gina–really, after everything that has happened in the past few weeks, you still like mccain? this post was kind of written for you, you know. I’m not saying you have to like obama, but it doesn’t bother you in the slightest how McCain says one thing one day and then a week later he says the complete opposite? only now he’s not even waiting days between his wildly erratic comments, he’s even saying them in the SAME INTERVIEW. if you don’t watch the whole episode forward to about 4 mins in and watch.

    Now really think about what you’re witnessing. This is a historic, monumental election. Right now we’re a part of something that will be talked about and taught in schools long after we’re dead. We’re lucky, because we get to live it; we’re both in and of this moment. That is why I am passionate. That is why you should be passionate.

  7. gina

    An entire post with me in mind? Wow. I am honored. Thanks dude.

    You and I don’t feel the same about this – I don’t relish the moment we’re in. I don’t feel that anything particularly important is going on. Do you really think some kind of cataclysmic change is coming our way if Obama gets elected? I don’t. There are plenty of things to be passionate about – stopping the exploitation of children, stopping genocide, finding a job, etc… This election is not one of them. I don’t think electing Obama or McCain will solve any of those problems. So, I will vote because I can and want to, but I am not going to get my panties in a wad. I enjoy reading you get your panties in a wad though. So keep up the ranting. You’re good at it! Look, you got conservative inferno all worked up. Maybe I am just to busy to care. Try me again in 2012.

  8. Simon

    “There is a huge difference between being passionate and irrational.”

    That’s funny because I just had the same sentence running through my head, but it was about Sarah Palin and the word wasn’t irrational, it was dangerous. You must be so very proud of her and proud of your party’s decision to choose her.

    And if you’re so proud of your warmongering friends then why don’t you sign your name rather than hiding behind CONSERVATIVEINFERNO which sounds oxymoronic to me, not to mention just plain moronic.


    LOL Simon. What is Palin dangerous? Please support your conclusions with substance.

    What does “my warmongering friends” have to do with my name?

    After you finish wiping the drivel from your mouth, please respond.


    Yeah, I know. I meant “Why” and not “What.” But what do I know? I am just a dumb conservative who clings to my Bible, my God, and guns. 0bama has me figured out!

  11. Simon

    And as for…

    “Next time your drink your organic coffee you should heat it to boiling and then throw it into your face.”

    With such a charming example of rational Republican thinking it’s no wonder your people have screwed up the world with your violence and greed.

  12. gina

    Damn it. I used the wrong form of “to” in my post. I hate that.

    Anyway, here’s a site worth your attention, and you can send an email expressing your concern to the presidential candidates.

  13. christa Post author

    That’s a great site to visit right before I go to bed. Thanks Gina. jeez. now I’m going to have nightmares all night.

    I am sending you an email about all of this. too long for this dumb commment box.

  14. christa Post author

    I am trying to stay above the fray here, but isn’t lumping me in with the same “brain-dead liberals” who drive priuses, drink organic coffee and wear argyle sweaters the exact kind of generalization that you’re railing against? That I must be voting for Obama to erase some sort of white guilt? Because you’re wrong. I belong to the terrorist-loving, black cock worshipping, taxaholic, elitist group.

    Yet you make light of these generalizations by calling yourself a “dumb conservative who clings to my Bible, my God, and guns.”

    If you lump people into stereotypes, you really shouldn’t complain when people do the same to you. Or when you do it to yourself.

  15. gina

    “block cock” worshipping made it very hard not to laugh during my employment law class this morning.

  16. Stupid Simon

    Block cock? Black cock? Christa, your reference to the black cock was racist and offensive!

    Think that is crazy? Why do I keep hearing liberals accusing Palin of being “racist” b/c she wears white clothes?

  17. DG

    High prices, inflation and a recession. Oil Shocks, lending crunch.
    In the 70’s they called it “Stagflation”…who was president….
    Jimmy Carter…
    Who is president today? George Bush…McCain is his replacement.
    He is not going to win. Its againsy all historical precedent.


    When Carter was President, he had a Democratically-controlled House and Senate.

    Who came to power in 2006 in the US House and Senate? The Dems. Do you remember gas prices from 2000-2006? They were low. From 2000-2006 there was no foreclosure crisis, no credit freeze, and no job losses. Furthermore, unemployment was at historical lows, manufacturing was up, and consumer confidence was very high.

    Now what happened to all of this economic success AFTER the Dems took control of the House and Senate in 2006?

    Were you better off economically from 2000-2006, or have you been better off from 2006-present? If you have not been better off in the past two years, why give the executive to another Democrat?

  19. DG

    Well personally I have never been better off. I have started my own company and recently hired my first 1099 employee.
    But then I have a BA, a certificate in Visual Basic 2005 and now I am attending classes for an Accounting certificate.
    But that is of my own doing and I care little for my fellow American as most of them are uneducated, rude , lazy sacks of crap..
    And as for JC of the 70’s he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    I perceive todays problems are caused by the dismanteling of the regulatory system of the 1930’s. capitalism which harnesses the power of greed, was unleashed to its ultimate ability to create a bubble out of…housing… too much short term speculation and wealth pushing anything to the breaking point. It is the system.
    Regulation would require common sense restraints that may cause the bust to be less destructive on the country and world as a whole.


    Name the biggest law that has deregulated the banks from the investment banks? It is called the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. It was signed into law in 1999 by Clinton. It tore down the “walls of separation” b/n the banks and the investment banks.

    After the Great Depression, the Glass-Steagall Act was passed to regulate banking and securities. This was the law for decades until your boy Clinton repealed it.

    You can’t tell me the economic environment for your business is better now than in the early part of this decade. 0bama will double your payroll taxes. This is the same guy who voted to increase taxes on people making only 42K a year. If you think it is bad now my friend, wait until 0bama wins. The economy has the cold now, but if 0bama wins it will have terminal cancer.

  21. Tiffany

    OMG! Can’t we talk about make-up or shoes or something?!?!?! I’m so tired of politics! UGH!

  22. Tiffany

    p.s. Michelle (Tucson) and I agree that “argyle” has historically been a more conservative attire. Everyone knows that “liberals” wear tree bark and things made out of hemp.

  23. Michelle (Tucson)

    OK, I never post, but since Tiffany dragged me into this discussion mentioning my disagreement with argyle being liberal democratic attire, I had to add my piece. The Gramm Leach Bliley Act (which is what repealed Glass-Steagall) was originally proposed by Gramm (republican) and Leach (republican) and was originally opposed by the Democrats. It only passed in the Senate because there was a majority of Republicans in Senate in 1999. The Democrats only supported it after they added legislation protecting privacy issues and strengthening the Community Reinvestment Act, which reduces discrimination in lending. Clinton was not allowed to veto this legislation, so I hardly think it’s fair to blame him for this deregulation. McCain voted for it and Biden voted against it.

    This is really the problem with politics. They keep passing all this legislation that is loaded down with bullshit so that one person or the other will agree to it and then the person who got their bit of concession votes for the stupid thing. It’s a dumb system.

  24. DG

    Michelle it is dumb… That is why I propose every election time THAT CJM be supreme Monarch, Master and Dictator for LIFE!!

  25. brasten

    Oh, come on now, Inferno… As much as I love blaming the Dems for things, you must know as well as anyone that their being in office the last two years has NOTHING to do with our current economic issues — even energy costs.

    And as much as I like you, DG, you’re wrong, too. Unrestrained capitalism doesn’t allow “greed” bubbles like we’re seeing today. Laizzes-faire capitalism revolves around an equilibrium point that generally keeps things in balance.

    Bubbles like that which we’re seeing today are generally caused by a combination of massive inflationary monetary policies and — to a slightly lesser extent — government intervention. They combine to create a semi-permanent market distortion and, eventually, a boom-bust cycle.

    Obama, McCain, Bush, Clinton, Carter, Deregulation, etc… all are largely irrelevant. Think “Federal Reserve” plus all the massive government programs we’ve created to encourage home ownership and lending to those less qualified (Fannie, Freddie, Ginnie, HUD, Federal Home Loan Banks, etc etc etc).

    (On a side topic, the Federal Reserve is also largely responsible for the wealth inequalities we see in America — NOT free market capitalism. Which is why the sad policies of hugely progressive tax systems don’t generally work — and frankly are borderline immoral.)

  26. Tiffany

    I “dragged” you?? I didn’t even touch you, lady! ;-) But all that stuff you said up there is right. I’m sure of it. Now, back to shoes… Gina, I ADORE J Crew shoes. But, mostly I’m a fan of Christian Louboutin shoes. Yum E. For reals. I die.


    Clinton did have a choice. No one made him sign it into law. The point is that the bill had HIS fingerprints on it. Americans usually hold the President accountable for the economy. Everyone is blaming Bush for this economic crisis but are overlooking at who is in control of Congress. The economy was doing just fine before the Dems took over both chambers in 2006.

    The Community Redevelopment Act is a big reason for the subprime mortgage crisis. The Dems believe that housing is a fundamental right and it is not. Thus, they wanted more minorities with poor credit scores and low income to receive loans. The fed govt pressured banks to lend to high-risk borrowers (in fact 0bama worked for a law firm who sued banks for “lending discrimination” aka redlining). My mom, a mortgage banker, MUST approve a certain number of minorities for loans. Most don’t qualify so she ends up having to give them ARM’s, interest-only loans, or stated income loans. In a stated income loan, my mom can not verify their income. These people can tell her they make 1,000,000 and she must accept it as true. As a result, she has lent 200,000 to people who make 20K a year and who have credit scores in the middle 500’s.

    The Bush Admin and some members of Congress like McCain sounded the warning bell but people like Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, and Charles Schumer told the GOP there was no problem with Fannie and Freddie and that any effort to regulate them was “racism.” One of 0bama’s chief economic advisors, Franklin Raines (former head of Fannie Mae) ran Fannie into the ground and then received a severance package close to 100 million.

  28. Michelle (Tucson)

    The bill passed the House and Senate with a 2/3rd majority, so Clinton had no choice but to sign the bill into legislation. The house and senate “made” him sign it.

    The Democrats have only been in power for 2 years. These problems have been developing for much longer than that.

    I think the people are just as to blame for this mess as the president and Congress. I’ve seen quite a few people trying to short-sale their houses, despite the fact that they have a $50k car in their driveway, their kids have the PS3 hooked up, they go out to eat every night, etc. That is the root of the problem. People are not taking responsibility for their actions. There are plenty of people that got suckered by the banks into bad loans, and I feel bad for them, but there are just as many people letting their homes go into foreclosure or trying to short sale just because they want to jump on the bandwagon and get a free ride. We are all to blame and until we take responsibility this problem wont be solved.

  29. christa Post author

    Michelle, you’re the clear calm voice of reason in this cacophony. I know you never post, but when you do it makes me miss you terribly terribly terribly.

    Let’s not forget about the people who bought all these houses as “investments” and they don’t even live in them. So now they’re being foreclosed and people who pay their rent in those properties are being evicted because the owners didn’t pay the mortgage. They’re gonna get a free ride, too.

    shoes are for chumps.

  30. DG

    Thats the big story in Chicago, one apartment complex after another are shutting out tenants that paid their rent, but the owners never paid the mortgages then skipped the country. The Chicago Cook County Sheriffs office said it will stop evicting tenants because of this .

  31. Tiffany

    Ummm, shoes are NOT for chumps! Shoes are what will unite the people. Shoes are bipartisan. Shoes are also worn by bisexuals. You know what is for chumps, though? Argyle. That’s what’s for chumps!

  32. Tiffany

    Oooooh, speaking of closets… the closet that “Big” built “Carrie” in SATC was AMAZING! Am I right girls? Or guys who are in the “other” closet?

  33. Brasten

    Inferno —

    You’re correct in that I’m not of the modern Republican neoCon war-mongoring homophobic fascist authoritarian type. I’m of the traditional classic-liberalism pro-Liberty type. If that makes me a RINO in your eyes, so be it… though I’d argue the crap being represented as modern Conservatism is as Statist and antagonistic to liberty and freedom as the junk the Democratic Party pushes.


    You Rockefeller Repubs amuse me. I’m all for legalizing weed and legalizing prostitution. I also think the drinking age should be 18. Am I a neocon, war-mongoring, homophobic and facist?

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