this is a bad picture

these women are probably not this ugly in real life.

I hope so, anyway. because I’m very scared.

4 thoughts on “this is a bad picture

  1. gina

    I think the one on the left is Diane Von Furstenberg. Designer of those loud knit wrap dresses that became famous in the 70s. I mean, she’s gotta be at least 65 or something, so cut her a little slack! I agree though, too much face lifting or botox or something – they have a “frozen” look to their faces.

    I do want botox though – I am developing serious parenthesis around my mouth :( And a bit of a brow furrow mark. Damn, it sucks getting old. It is really bothering me lately. Yay! Something new to obsess about. Finally, I was worried that I had run out.

  2. Tiffany

    Gina, you’re correct. It is Diane Von Furstenberg. You’re close, she’s 63. And, if I look half as good as her when I’m 63, I’ll be thankful. Because, that bitch smokes a carton of cigs a day and drinks enough vodka to disinfect small countries! Wait, what? But, she’s still fabulous! I love that dress she’s wearing. Someone buy it for me.

  3. DG

    There you go ladies.. an excellent reason to stop drinking and smoking.. come on , this is the 21 st century stop killing yourselves!!
    My mother looks ten years younger than her and she’s 80!!

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