fighting pork barrel with earmarks

I am in such a bitter relationship with politics right now. I love it so much, I always have, for as long as I can remember, but my level of frustration and disappointment has hit new highs. or lows, I suppose.

wait, lindsey lohan is a lesbian? huh?

okay. from what I’ve learned tonight, the financial crisis is so dire that passing a shite bill is better than no action at all. and to entice house republicans to pass the bill, lots of extraneous “sweetners” (to the tune of $100+ billion) had to be added.

and this is the best we can do. all those white dudes standing up there stroking & tonguing each other and telling me how awesome they are and how beautiful their dicks are told me as much. and I have to believe it. I have to because otherwise it would be impossible for me to get out of bed. I have to believe it because I have no idea if it’s true, and everyone who does (or should) know says it’s true.

From my angle, I see a lot of panicking, a lot of rich people running scared, and the rest of america shouldering the burden and forced to make things right. But okay. I accept it. Life isn’t fair, that I do know. And I’m a mom now. I’m used to cleaning up a lot of nastiness that I don’t want to. and I’m a human, I’m 100% used to doing things I don’t want to do. Plus, I’m a democrat. a mom, a human and a democrat. So fine, the bailout passes, we save the world, and life is rosy again.

cause what else are we going to do? We have so little choice, so little voice. The same old people are making the rules, then breaking them, making exceptions and conditions, all as they see fit, and we have to go along with it. This is still the best place to live and we’re still lucky to be here.

but god damn it if it doesn’t piss me off. god damn it.


So I think the media is trying to raise the expectations of Palin’s performance in tomorrow’s debate, no? Not so much because they think she’s going to have a great debate, but if the expectations for Palin remain low, then she will “win” as long as she doesn’t vomit pea soup and decapitate a baby. If her debating skills are praised, if the bar is set high, then she is doomed for failure. Personally, I think she will do well, or well enough, and I think the format of a debate is more suited to her evil smugness. I certainly hope for chaos and ridiculousness and total meltdown, for my party’s benefit of course, but also for my entertainment. right now, nothing pleases me more in life than seeing Palin crash and burn. Nothing. Nothing at all.

Joe Biden needs to stop saying retarded things, that’s for sure.

5 thoughts on “fighting pork barrel with earmarks

  1. gina

    I don’t have TV so, I don’t know too much about the financial crisis, all know is that now it is probably going to be VERY difficult for me to buy a house or find a job. It sucks. Maybe I should stay in school an extra year – go get yet another degree.

  2. DG

    Gina, I am 50 and I just finished a degree in Visual Basic 2005. Now i am going for an Accounting certificate..its all good!

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