halloween costumes

So I think ry is past the age of really cute animal costumes. I was quite partial to the tom arma costumes. They were freaking adorable, but only for little babies/toddlers. preschoolers, not so much.

This year I asked him what he wanted to be for halloween, and he said a tree. And when I asked what kind of tree, he said purple. So i have to find a purple tree costume.

then he decided he wanted to be a cookie. I think I might have an easier time finding a cookie costume, but now I really want him to be a purple tree. so I am making the executive mommy decision to get him a tree costume. (ed. note: it’s actually been harder to find a cookie costume.)

sometimes having a kid is fun.

like when you get to buy legos. of course they are for him. but I can sit on the floor and build things, too. I am spending quality time with my son, even if he’s already gone to bed and I’ve got a joint in my hand. It’s all for the kid, I say.

okay. after searching for “tree costume” in google, I’m starting to get disgruntled. they’re all for “making” your own costume. what year are we in anyway, 1803? am I the mom from little house on the prairie? I’m not making a costume. I just want to click on something and buy it and have it sent to me.

stupid internet.

this is the lamest idea of I’ve heard for a tree costume. wait maybe this one is lamer.

this one is kinda cool. a little fancy and I don’t think ry would like it, but he’s only four and he has to do what I tell him.

hmpf. I will go buy a purple sweat shirt and sweat pants, stick leaves and twigs all over, and viola! a purple tree.

hey how would you like a sotd? it’s been awhile. albert hammond jr.

4 thoughts on “halloween costumes

  1. gina

    yes. i concur. very funny. i like the magic tree. i think if you make it purple, he wont look like a tree. aidan wants to be freaking batman. come on! so boring. maybe i will suggest the magic tree. i have a feeling he’ll tell me to suck it.

    this morning he was screaming to wear only a “cool shirt” – which to him is his almost too small t-shirt that says “Grandpa is one of the few, the proud, the marines” – i had to wrestle him into a TMNT shirt – i threatened to put a plaid shirt on him and he flipped his lid. i was screaming “you’re only 4! You don’t get to pick!” this morning was an example of brilliant parent.

  2. christa

    hahaha, that’s a lovely story gina. you should suggest the magic tree though. that sounds appealing to a kid. it’s a tree that is magic. maybe he will like it more than batman.

    so I guess you won’t be a walking talking grape tree this year Becca?

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