Cold sore or pimple?


you be the judge!

12 thoughts on “Cold sore or pimple?

  1. DG

    No its not a MRSA, I have Had a couple from the GYM. They get the size of a desert plate.
    Tough call though, send pictures as it develops.

  2. christa

    what the heck is a MRSA?

    ummm, this post was meant as a joke. it’s a pimple that I picked the shit out of. and the picture I took of it made me laugh.

    I was worried it was a cold sore because:
    1. I am just getting over a cold
    2. I am just getting over my period
    3. I am very stressed
    4. I have a raging case of genital herpes going on
    5. I like to lick the cold sores of strangers on the train

    I saw a dermatologist who told me to leave my face alone and that I should see a mental health professional for my picking obsession.


  3. Tiffany

    Ummmmmmm, MRSA? From the GYM? I’d stop going to that GYM if I were you. That’s pretty unsanitary. But, then again, I’m a germaphobe.

  4. christa

    a plate the size of a desert?

    This is definitely not MRSA then. there are no deserts, oceans, or any other kind of terrain on my face or body.

    I realized though in my exhaustive search on cold sores that I have AIDS.

  5. DG

    I got them from the pool, they have changed from straight Chlorine to a salt pool and I havemt gotten one since…
    methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

  6. gina

    Ok – Ryan is a MRSA expert. It can look sort of like a spider bite. You can get it at the gym, or a million other places.

    It is the latest terrible thing I am sure I have, in addition to AIDS, both of which the internet reports will cause my untimely death. Plus I am pretty sure I have genital herpes and I will probably die in a plane crash. Or maybe a shark attack. I am not sure yet.

  7. christa

    yeah I thought that too, about this picture. we look alike, especially in these large close ups. we have these wide faces with big cheeks and big eyes.

    I would like it if you died in a plane crash or a shark attack. then I can say “my friend gina died in a plane crash. did you see what she had on her itunes playlist? man.”

    I love that your boyfriend is an expert on diseases. he is a very useful and handy tool.

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