don’t ever get raped, ladies.

I tried to give the RNC a chance, but my god was that a snoozefest. The audience looked like they were all waiting for their pudding, and getting a little grumpy about it. I kept thinking “never put mom & dad in a nursing home…”

I heard on PBS last night about how people are looking for leaders who developed their character outside of politics. can I get a hallelujah and an oh yeah?

John McCain though, he let the political machine erode and reshape his character and now I don’t know what he stands for anymore. I doubt he can even recognize himself in the mirror. You can’t sell your dignity and then turn to me and tell me not to sell my own. I don’t trust him and I don’t like him.

I was excited at first about Palin. I knew very little about her, but she was a female and she seemed like she wasn’t plucked from the assembly line. I would not have ever voted for her, but it was still interesting to me. Because I want something different, on both sides of the party. We all do, don’t we? That yearning for something that tastes new, smells different, touches us with unfamiliar hands.

And while I still relish the pick, it makes for an even better election, this young hockey mom from Alaska is almost the polar opposite in every single of my core, fundamental beliefs. (Don’t you love how she’s considered “young” but in every other arena in life, a women of that age is practically decrepit and barely viable?)

This issue about Palin’s daughter being pregnant is starting to get on my nerves. Do I care that her daughter is pregnant? No. But I don’t think you can be such an opponent of pro-choice when you say that your very own teenage daughter made a choice about this baby. That’s what she said, “This was Bristol‘s choice.” (I wonder just how much “choice” that girl really had in the matter, I really do.)

Because choice is okay for Sarah Palin’s family, but not my family or your family or anyone else’s family in America. It’s okay for Palin’s daughter to keep or not keep the baby, yet Palin wants to take that choice right out of your hands and decide for you. So really it isn’t that Sarah Palin is against pro-choice, she’s just Palin-choice. Her choice should be the law of the land, her choice for her family and yours and mine and all of America. What Palin wants. That seems fair, right?

Because, according to her, you only have a choice about your children’s future when they come out of your body, but not a minute before. All that time before the baby is born is entirely under the power and influence of Palin and the government and your neighbors. Certainly not you and not the father. God no. But hey, after that baby is born, remember: you’re on your own.

Explain to me how can we have choice at all if we don’t have choice from day one? It was our choice to get pregnant (well, sometimes, but in Palin’s eyes, abortion should not be allowed in cases of rape/incest, so even when it wasn’t your choice to get pregnant, it was still totally your choice. because you are a filthy dirty whore who shouldn’t be so brazen, taunting men to rape you), it was our choice to keep the baby, why can’t it be our choice to not have it? How does a party that is so rigid about “less governmental influence” use that same government to tell us what to do regarding our health and family decisions? I don’t fucking get it, I really don’t.

That is one of my main gripes with the GOP. They’re all about less government in our (and big business) wallets and all about more government in our bedrooms. That’s how they play. It’s not okay for you to worship and pray to whoever you want, it’s not okay for you to love and have sex with whoever you want, or marry who you want. It’s not okay for you to have privacy. But don’t worry, we’re going to make sure we enact all kinds of laws that tell you exactly what is okay, so you won’t be confused.

The Daily Show, which all of you should be watching, played a clip of Bill O’Reilly talking about Palin’s daughter and how it’s a private, personal family matter. As long as the government isn’t having to provide and care for the mother and child, then it shouldn’t be a policy issue or a matter of concern at all in this election, and therefore free from judgment.

Then they showed a clip of Papa Bear deriding Jamie Lynn Spears and saying how this girl’s pregnancy was the fault of bad parenting. He called her parents pinheads.

What you should take from this is that if you’re white, trashy and a teenager and you get pregnant, it is entirely because of bad parenting. But if you are the white, pregnant teen daughter of a pretty republican VP nominee, you are to be left alone and in fact lauded for getting pregnant and keeping the baby. Why, you are brave! and strong! and such a ROLE MODEL!

If this was reversed, if one of the democratic nominee’s teen daughter was pregnant, the GOP would certainly not turn the other way and take the high road. It would be more proof of how our family values are destroying the very fabric of american society, how democrats are too busy taxing everyone to pay attention to our own families, how our perverse and loose morals are going to bring another terrorist attack on good, hard-working Americans. All because we let our unwed daughters get knocked up.

Also: why is karl rove still allowed to talk in public? why do news media keep allowing him on their programs? WHY WHY WHY?!?

6 thoughts on “don’t ever get raped, ladies.

  1. michelle d

    I am not here to judge Sarah Palin. She’s entitled to her own beliefs and private family matters. Whatever. However, I can say this: If I was in her shoes and had a 4-5 month old with downs syndrome and a 17 year old pregnant I would not be taking any type of political office anytime soon.

    Right now, her family needs her more than the White House does. I am a working mom just like she is, but Family always comes first and job always comes second. That’s just the way it has to be right now for me.

    BTW, did you see the Sarah Palin (satire) Vlogs on Youtube?

  2. morgan

    I read your whole post. It was long. Now I think I need to eat a meal.

    I like that she has a kid named after Van Halen. That’s pretty funny. But if she had 2 kids named after aging rock bands, then I might vote for her.

  3. brasten

    “How does a party that is so rigid about ‘less governmental influence’ use that same government to tell us what to do regarding our health and family decisions? I don’t fucking get it, I really don’t.”

    This is why my allegiance to the Republican Party is so thin. I generally disagree with Loafe’s psuedo-socialist, anti-liberty, pro-statist beliefs… but I agree with you on this statement.

    The current GOP is FAR from a small-government party anymore. In almost every way, the Republican Party is as left-wing as the Democrats are. They both use the full-force of the federal government to enforce their desired behaviors on everyone else — they just disagree on the desired behavior.

  4. christa Post author

    anti-liberty? I don’t know about that. I like liberty. and justice. for all!

    but thank you Brasten, for everything else you said. It’s all true! All true!

    also: I have grown to hate hate hate super duper hate sarah palin.

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