“but people are fucking idiots everywhere”

I am in the middle age of uninteresting.

something needs to be done about this.

5 thoughts on ““but people are fucking idiots everywhere”

  1. christa Post author

    thanks tj. although I am not sure how to change the unwakeable part to something else and I am too busy at work doing my actual job to figure it out there. and too busy at home watching the convention and the sox beat the yankees to figure it out here.

    but thanks. I really like the older posts/archives slide bar thingy. it’s cool.

  2. morgan

    You need to create a new title image, save it as title.gif and upload it to wp-content/themes/unwakeable/images/. That is all.

    I watched Joe Biden talk last night. He mispronounces more words than Bush. They probably shouldn’t let him talk again.

  3. christa Post author

    thanks morgan. I knew someone would tell me what to do. you make it sound so easy and simple.

    also: leave joe biden alone. he was a stutterer. and he lost his wife and little daughter in a horrible car accident. and he is 1000 times smarter than bush. you love him and you love his speech.

  4. morgan

    I’m sure Biden is a nice guy. He has the smile of a politician or maybe an advertising executive.

    Did you Letterman called the Obama/Biden ticket… Joebama. hahahaha that was heeelarious. Obama’s speech was great. I hope he wins, but I don’t think it will be easy for him. We’ll have to see how the debates go down.

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